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soluble fiber supplement

Why MicrobeFiber™?

According to the American Heart Association, you need 25-30 grams of total dietary fiber each day. To narrow it down, clinical trials have proved that the optimal amount of dietary fiber is 27 grams or more to achieve outstanding health benefits.*

Good news! All you need is 3 tablespoons of MicrobeFiber™ daily – and you’ll reach the 30-gram level and access those health benefits!*

Best of all, you won’t have to deal with any unpleasant aftertaste. MicrobeFiber™ is flavorless and contains no additives. Simply dissolve 3 tablespoons in room-temperature water and drink to your health.

Gut Healthy MicrobeFiber™ is:

  • GMO-free
  • Made without chemical additives
  • Dairy and Lactose-free
  • Free from soy products
  • Gluten-free
  • 100% natural
  • Proven to reduce A1C & waistline* (see clinical trials)
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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Fiber Instead of Other Brands

You can’t consume the needed 30 grams a day from other brands. Try it – it won’t be pretty! Ours is concentrated and made using a proprietary method. Ours has no additives. Does theirs? Yikes, yes!

Compare to national brands. Example; Metamucil has additives like aspartame. Aspartame? Holy smokes! What’s that doing in there???

You have clinical trials results & the knowledge that one of the biggest fast-food chains is currently using our brand (not theirs) in their bread products to fight obesity. (We aren’t allowed to reveal the chain, or we would. They will be doing their own public relations campaign in due time).

How MicrobeFiber™ Gives Your Body What it Needs*

The gut “microbiome” (the bacteria in your intestines) is nourished by meals that are rich in soluble fiber (“resistant starch”). Most starch is easily digested. Starch is dissolved in the small intestine, and then absorbed by your body, providing you with energy and nutrients. However, some starch (soluble fiber) can’t be digested by the body but becomes food for the gut bacteria.

The soluble fiber continues its journey through your gut and arrives at the large intestine undigested. There, the soluble fiber is exposed to the healthy bacteria of the gut microbiome. This species of bacteria specializes in breaking down soluble fiber. This breakdown process provides the bacteria with the fuel they need to survive.

As the bacteria use the soluble fiber for energy, they release small carbohydrate molecules. The neighboring bacteria feed on these carbohydrates. As those bacteria feed, they excrete even smaller molecules as waste. One of the final waste products is called butyrate, an energy source for your body. As the butyrate builds up, it is absorbed by the large intestine. The presence of butyrate encourages blood to flow into the vessels of the large intestine, keeping the tissue healthy. If your diet includes enough soluble fiber, these cells will use butyrate as their main source of energy.

In addition, butyrate has other benefits.

Intestinal cells are sensitive to DNA damage caused by toxic foods and artificial ingredients. This damage may accumulate over time as the cells divide, which could lead to colon cancer. However, a steady supply of butyrate allows the damage to be more easily detected and the cell can activate a “suicide program” in response. Because the damaged cell destroys itself, it can’t progress to form a cancer. A starved microbiome is unable to protect you from cancer. By eating foods rich in soluble fiber, you can nourish your microbiome and improve your health.*

For a healthy microbiome, MicrobeFiber™ offers pure ingredients without additives.*

MicrobeFiber™ is a chemical-free superfood for your gut*, contains 100% pure soluble fiber “resistant starch,” non-GMO and gluten-free! Get yours today!


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