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How does MicrobeFiber™ supplement my diet?

MicrobeFiber™ is a chemical free product that uses extracted soluble fiber from vegetables. Through this method, we collect the purest form of fiber and use it for our supplement. Your body recognizes our fiber as real food and is able to easily break down and consume it*. Using our fiber guarantees that you will meet your necessary daily intake.

How should I consume MicrobeFiber™?

It’s best consumed using room temperature water and warm food or beverages. Using cold foods or beverages is still effective, but it will take the fiber longer to dissolve.

What is the recommended daily intake?

Our clinical trials revealed that 27 grams of fiber produced the best results*. To ensure that amount is met, we recommend 30 grams total per day. This amount is recommended to all individuals who consume our product, regardless of age or weight*.

How often should I take MicrobeFiber™?

We recommend taking it three times throughout the day. If you must catch up on your allotted amount later in the day, that’s okay, but you shouldn’t make a habit of it. It’s most effective when consumed on a consistent schedule throughout the day*.

What happens if I don’t consume the entire recommended amount?

It’s okay if you don’t take the entire 30 grams, since any fiber in your diet is better than none. However, to best impact your gut health and yield the best results, you should stay in the practice of taking the full 39 grams daily*.

How is MicrobeFiber™ made?

Our fiber is extracted directly from corn using a highly effective roasting process. Since it’s not chemically produced like other fiber supplements, it’s safer and healthier for your body*.

Does MicrobeFiber™ have a taste (or flavoring options)?

It has no flavoring or taste. We keep it as natural as possible and avoid any additives that could influence its flavor. Its overall lack of flavor is why it’s easily added to foods or beverages.

Is it FDA approved?

The contents of our product are designated as “GRAS” by the FDA, which means it’s considered safe*.

Is it travel friendly?

MicrobeFiber™ is available in many serving options, including individual packets that make it easy to carry with you on a daily basis.

Why should I choose MicrobeFiber™?

Since MicrobeFiber™ is directly extracted from vegetables, it’s completely natural (gluten and GMO free, and kosher) and highly concentrated. Unlike other brands, it has no additives such as aspartame, fillers, or flavoring.


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Disclaimer: *These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.